This viral snow globe cocktail is taking over the internet

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Holiday season brings so many wonderful seasonal flavors with it. You can put a holiday spin on pretty much anything, from cookies to cake pops and everything in between.

Sure, there’s the classic eggnog but now there’s a new holiday drink in town. The snow globe cocktail is taking over the internet. Viral videos of people creating this pretty drink are being shared over and over again. Whether you’re making it as a cocktail or a Christmas tree mocktail, it looks awesome.

Grab your cup, pour some water in and place a short sprig of Rosemary inside of it. The Rosemary goes in upside down—which is what gives the drink that signature Christmas tree look.

Place your cup in the freezer. Once it’s frozen, you can fill up the rest of the glass with your drink of choice. In some videos people use sparkling water or vodka. You can also make it kid-friendly by using juice, just make sure it’s diluted or light-colored enough so that the Rosemary shows through.

You can also add in a couple of frozen cranberries to finish off the festive look.

Note that not all glasses are freezer-safe. You’ll want to make sure that you’re glass doesn’t break in the freezer. Another way to create this drink is to use some string and tape to keep the Rosemary in place while you add your liquid and then freeze it altogether like this video.

The comments are full of people loving this idea and so many helpful tips to kick the merry up a notch. One person said they sugar the Rosemary beforehand to give it a “snowy” look. Another said that edible glitter is the way to go.

“why is this so freaking adorable?? I love christmas”

“That is adorable!! I’m definitely making this!!”

“we love a good holiday cocktail”

And now you’re probably thinking that your freezer doesn’t have enough room for a bunch of glasses with frozen Rosemary sprigs. You’re not alone! One solution is to create a cocktail pitcher and use this trick in there instead of individual glasses. Place it alongside your drink station for all of your guests to see. Another solution is to create a mini version in shot glasses. Place them all on a baking tray and then stick the tray in the freezer.

The snow globe cocktail or Christmas tree mocktail is perfect for any holiday event you’re hosting. Your guests will love this festive drink.