This Viral Clip Of Anya Taylor-Joy Struggling To Take A Selfie With A Fan Is All Kinds Of Relatable

Anya Taylor-Joy
Anya Taylor-Joy

Anya Taylor-Joy

You know that feeling when you’re over at a friend’s house, and they hand you their totally alien phone so you can add your takeaway picks to the group order? Or a stranger asks you to take their photo using a device that might as well be something from Doctor Who?

Well, Anya Taylor-Joy certainly does.

The Queen’s Gambit star has inadvertently become the centre of a viral moment after suffering a tech fail while trying to grab a selfie with a fan.

Last week, Anya put in an appearance at the Brazilian comic convention CCXP, and took a moment to greet fans on the red carpet as she made her way into the event.

Unfortunately, that’s where she ran into a bit of trouble.

In a clip posted on X, Anya (who we can now safely assume is an unequivocal iPhone devotee) was seen trying on two separate occasions to use the fan’s Android phone to nab a selfie, but failed on both attempts.

The clip has since been re-shared by the culture account Pop Crave, and has now racked up more than 25 million views, with people finding Anya’s tech woes almost too relatable…

Anya has had another huge year in 2023, most notably lending her voice to Princess Peach in the record-breaking Super Mario Bros. Movie.

The Golden Globe winner has also been working on the long-awaited Mad Max prequel Furiosa, in which she is set to take over the title role, which was previously played on the big screen by Charlize Theron.