Vigil's Suranne Jones shares hopes to pursue new career path

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Vigil star shares plans for new career pathJamie Simpson - BACKGRID

Vigil star Suranne Jones has been a familiar face on TV screens in recent years, taking on leading roles in popular shows such as Gentleman Jack and Maryland.

Speaking to Digital Spy and other media, Jones elaborated on her desire to now transition from roles on screen to moving behind the camera with upcoming projects, which are now in their early stages of development.

"Me and [my] husband set up a production company and we made Maryland, and we just made our first documentary. We have two commissions for next year that will go into production. I love it. I'm hoping to eventually make projects that I'm not in, then I can have a cup of tea and chill."

suranne jones as amy silva and dougray scott as grainger in vigil
Jamie Simpson - BBC

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Jones also spoke earlier this week on The One Show about collaborating with her Vigil co-star Dougray Scott on producing a new project after they developed a special chemistry working on series 2 together.

"We've already had a Zoom, we're coming together. We wanted to do something that reflected our more flamboyant and fun side because that's what we found we had [together]. We are working on something, but we're just not allowed to say what."

Scott added that the project is "awfully good" but otherwise kept details under wraps.

Famed for portraying queer characters in both Vigil and Gentleman Jack, Jones recently explained what draws her to roles that have an important message for representation on TV.

suranne jones as amy silva, rose leslie as kirsten longacre, vigil season 2

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"I think you're drawn to the role, you're drawn to the character, you're drawn to what the person can give you or what you can give to the person," she said. "Through Gentleman Jack, I found a community that was so open and wonderful and receptive, and willing to share their experiences with me.

"I was like, wow, this can be another part of the job where you can really connect on a whole other level. So I think by doing that particular job, and then this one (Vigil), I have been very welcomed as an ally and I take it very seriously."

Vigil series two will premiere on BBC One and BBC iPlayer on December 10.

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