‘The View': Whoopi Mocks Possible $1.6 Million Fines of Trump Organization After Tax Fraud Conviction: ‘I Could Pay That!’

The Trump Organization was found guilty on 17 counts of tax fraud and other financial crimes this week, which the hosts of “The View” promptly celebrated on Wednesday morning. But Whoopi Goldberg wasn’t too impressed by the possible fines the company faces, scoffing that the number was so low that she could pay it herself.

As a result of the verdict — which found the company guilty of falsifying business records and conspiracy along with tax fraud — the CFO of the organization will be doing reduced prison time for his testimony, and the company itself could be required to pay up to $1.6 million in fines.

“I could pay that!” Whoopi scoffed. She went on to add that, though the twice impeached former president himself was not a defendant in this particular case and thus wasn’t charged with anything, there is also a $250 million civil suit against him.

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When host Joy Behar joked that Whoopi wouldn’t be able to pay that much out of her pocket, Whoopi paused midsentence to toss out a cheeky “I might” before celebrating the verdicts.

“It was just nice to see guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty!” she said. “It was nice!”

Indeed, Trump is the subject of multiple ongoing investigations, including a $250 million civil suit filed by New York’s attorney general. Those proceedings are set to begin in October of next year. That said, between the ongoing cases and this verdict, Behar doesn’t expect it to be enough to convince Republicans to split from Trump.

“All they say is — like Mitch McConnell will say… ‘I will vote for whoever’s the Republican candidate’ but then ‘I don’t think he’ll be running.’ No, he will be running, because that’s what’s gonna keep him out of jail,” Behar said.