‘The View’ Hosts Torch ‘Incredibly Offensive’ Casey Anthony Documentary: ’11 Years and That’s the Crappy Story You Came Up With?’

A new docuseries surrounding the case of Casey Anthony premiered on Peacock this week, and audiences aren’t too pleased that it was even greenlit. And it seems those audiences include the hosts of “The View.”

During Thursday’s show, the women touched on the new three-part docuseries, which premiered on Peacock on Nov. 29, questioning whether it was the right move to put Anthony back in the spotlight.

Host Ana Navarro noted that she had no plans to watch the docuseries, calling it “incredibly offensive” to give Anthony a new platform.

“I can’t stand this woman. I can’t stand to see her face, I can’t stand to hear her voice,” Navarro said. “You know, if people want to watch that, that’s up to them. If I’m gonna watch a documentary, it’ll be about whales, and lemmings, and iguanas in the Galapagos Islands. I think it’s incredibly offensive.”

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In 2011, Anthony was put on trial for the murder of her then 2-year-old daughter Caylee, but the case ended in an acquittal that shocked the country. Though the official verdict saw Anthony walk free, most people considered her guilty based on her actions leading up to and in the immediate aftermath of her daughter’s disappearance.

Host Joy Behar agreed with Navarro, and largely blamed Anthony for being the reason her own talk show on HLN got canceled in 2011. Behar said that the network became obsessed with Anthony’s trial, and “I could not stand to talk about her because she’s a little liar! She’s a liar.” Meanwhile, host Sunny Hostin admitted that she only watched the docuseries to satiate her curiosity.

“I gave three hours of my life to the documentary, because I still wanted to hear what she came up with,” Hostin said. “She’s still a narcissistic, psychopath, sociopath. The therapy has not worked.”

Though an independent psychologist determined Anthony was not technically a psychopath, many considered her one because she didn’t appear to be grieving her child’s disappearance or death. During her trial, photos of Anthony partying were revealed, which were said to be taken while Caylee was missing.

Hostin cited those photos in her criticisms of Anthony on Thursday, before honing in on Anthony’s new story of what she remembers about the day her daughter likely died. In the docuseries, Anthony recounted being woken up by her father asking where Caylee was, and immediately searching for her, before coming back inside to see her father holding the toddler’s “soaking wet” body.

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Anthony claims she “collapsed” with Caylee’s body in her arms, but then, instead of calling for emergency medical assistance, her father took the body and told Casey it was “going to be OK” and left with her.

“What shocked me — 11 years, and that’s the crappy story that you came up with?” Hostin said.

Host Alyssa Farah Griffin added that she doesn’t think “we should be giving her a platform to espouse more lies,” and Behar even went so far as to compare the docuseries to Netflix’s series about Jeffrey Dahmer, saying both were only created for ratings.