‘The View’ Hosts Question Harry and Meghan’s Desire for Privacy After New Doc Trailer: ‘They’ve Got a Hell of a Way of Doing It’ (Video)

The hosts of “The View” were a bit confused by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex this week, after a trailer dropped for Harry and Meghan’s new documentary on Netflix. For the women at the table, the new project seems to fly in the face of the royals’ original request for privacy.

In discussing the documentary during their Hot Topics segment, the women of “The View” first questioned the timing of the trailer’s release, considering it happened while Prince William and Kate Middleton were visiting the U.S. on business. While the hosts agreed that Harry and Meghan likely didn’t have any direct say on when the trailer dropped, the women also argued that it was “smart marketing.”

But speaking to the project at large, the hosts had trouble wrapping their heads around its existence, particularly since Harry and Meghan have been vocal about their desire for privacy surrounding their exit from the monarchy.

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“The one thing I’m a little struck by though is, like, they already told their story,” Alyssa Farah Griffin said. “At the end of it, [Meghan] says, like, ‘When the stakes are so high, you have to tell your story.’ You sat down with Oprah, we all watched it. I’ll probably binge watch this when it comes out. But I kind of feel like they’re perpetuating putting themselves in the public eye when that was what they were trying to avoid.”

Host Sara Haines agreed, saying “it’s hard to reconcile” that desire for privacy with willingly releasing a documentary about their time in the royal family.

“I gotta tell you something, if what they want is privacy and to get away from the royal family, they got a hell of a way of doing it,” Ana Navarro sniped.

You can watch the full segment from “The View” in the video above.

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