‘The View’ Derails From Jason Kelce Discussion Into Stories of Joy Behar Meeting Her Husband in a Nudist Colony

Hot Topics on “The View” can often go off on tangents, but it went on a particularly weird one Thursday morning, when a discussion that started off being about Jason Kelce spiraled into memories of host Joy Behar meeting her husband in a nudist colony.

In fairness, the episode did start off with concerns about nudity, as moderator Whoopi Goldberg wondered if Alyssa Farah Griffin’s lacy dress for the day was actually as transparent as it looked (it wasn’t, Farah Griffin was just wearing a tan slip underneath). But this particular tangent came as the women discussed Kelce’s antics at his brother’s recent playoff game.

For those unaware, Kelce — currently the Philadelphia Eagles’ center — attended brother Travis Kelce’s playoff game this week against the Bills, marking the first time he met Taylor Swift. In his excitement during the game, Jason ripped off his shirt and climbed out of the suite both he and Swift were watching the game in to interact with fans.

For the hosts of “The View,” the initial question was whether or not these actions were appropriate for the first time meeting a sibling’s significant other. And, for the most part, the hosts all found it “charming,” and admitted they tend to believe in the idea of “show your crazy up front.”

“I don’t even know what this story’s about,” Behar admitted, as Sara Haines pointed out how checked out of the conversation Behar was. “I couldn’t care less about this story. Seriously.”

At that, host Sunny Hostin needled her cohost a bit, asking if she’s never ripped her shirt off.

“She definitely has,” Haines quickly chimed in. “She met her husband at a nudist colony!

“First of all, he was nude, I was dressed,” Behar clarified.

From there, the conversation derailed into the nuances of exactly how dressed both Behar and her now-husband were, and even turned into a question of whether the couple wears bathing suits in public.

As the hosts all struggled to contain their laughter, Behar was visibly baffled by the turn in the conversation, noting, “I thought this was a different subject.”

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