‘The View’: Ana Navarro and Sara Haines Disagree On Whether History of Slavery ‘Should Make You Feel Bad’ | Video

Sara Haines and Ana Navarro found themselves in a disagreement during Monday’s episode of “The View,” over whether or not history — specifically, the history of slavery — should make people feel bad. But, in a change of pace, it was about as civil as disagreements on “The View” get.

The moment came when host Sunny Hostin once again asserted that people, namely conservatives, are playing “a long game” in an effort to “erase the contributions of people that don’t look like them.” Hostin argued that, if they can successfully erase the things that people of color have done in this country, “then you can otherize someone as less than you are, because ‘You haven’t contributed to this society in the way that my culture has.'”

But, by Navarro’s guess, the motivation actually goes deeper, and applies more practically.

“I think what it is is that Black history and other things — banning books — has been weaponized for political purposes, to drive people to the polls based on outrage because ‘My poor little white kid is feeling bad because he’s learning about slavery,'” Navarro said. “That’s ridiculous. Learning about history should not make anybody feel bad.”

At that, Sara Haines chimed in to disagree.

“Oh it should make you feel bad,” Haines said. “But it’s important that it makes you feel bad.”

Things didn’t get heated though, Navarro simply stuck to her view, and pushed on with her overall point.

“I don’t think it should make you feel bad. I mean, I don’t think a white child that’s had nothing to do with slavery should feel bad about slavery,” she shot back. “I think we need to learn history so that we don’t repeat the same mistakes about history.”

From there, Navarro turned her ire on the politicians attempting to erase Black history from schools.

You can watch the full segment from “The View” in the video above.

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