Former executive VP of Trump Org. thinks Trump will leave the country before Biden inauguration

Longtime Trump Organization executive Barbara Res appeared on CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera on Sunday where she raised questions about how, and where, Trump’s term in office will come to an end. President Trump’s finances, and that of The Trump Organization, are the focus of multiple investigations in the state of New York. Res believes Trump may leave the country before he leaves office to escape the legal jeopardy he could face as a citizen.

“I think catastrophe comes except for Donald. You know, as much as it’s almost impossible to think how he’s gonna weasel his way out of it, I think he will,” Res said. “If there are real legitimate charges leveled against him or hanging over his head the minute he becomes a citizen, I think he may leave the country. I think he may leave the country before the end of his presidency.”

The president’s niece, Mary Trump, was on with Res agreed that Trump leaving the country is a real possibility, though she doesn’t believe it’s likely.

“I do also think that’s a possibility. I don’t know if it’s the most likely thing, but again, we don’t know how the next 45 days are gonna play out,” Trump said. “If the walls really do start closing in on him, right before the inauguration will be his last, best opportunity to get away unscathed. So it’s gonna be fascinating, but also pretty terrifying.”

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