Video: Should the UFC change its post-fight bonus structure?

Back in the day, when the UFC first started handing out post-fight bonuses, the amounts varied.

If the card was a big-time pay-per-view that was projected to generate a ton of buys, the UFC might hand out four $70,000 bonuses. If it was a small Fight Night card, maybe the total was $30,000 or $40,000. Something historic, like UFC 100? A cool $100K each. Or $129,000 each for the massive UFC 129 stadium show in Toronto.

Eventually, there came a point when UFC president Dana White decided it would be easiest to just make it $50,000 every event and call it a day.

Things have stayed like that, for the most part, until recently – when White has elected to give out more than the standard four bonuses and on a couple occasions has upped the payouts, too.

But other times, like UFC on ESPN 41 this past Saturday, despite seeming to have a wealth of worthy finishes, the UFC stuck with the four-award formula instead of really emptying the checkbook like at other cards earlier in the year.

So that begs the question: Should these bonus awards be random, the way they’ve seemed to be? Or should the UFC devise a better formula – such as a post-fight bonus award for anyone who secures a finish?

That’s what we asked our “Spinning Back Clique” panel of Simon Samano, Brian “Goze” Garcia and Danny Segura, along with host “Gorgeous” George Garcia.

Check out their reaction in the video above, and don’t miss this week’s full episode below.

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Story originally appeared on MMA Junkie