This Video Sums Up Exercising as a Parent

Devon Kelley
Assistant Beauty Editor
One mom posted a video of a family yoga session, and Twitter is obsessed. (Photo: Twitter/RaisingSelf)

Ever feel like there couldn’t be more things to distract you from your workout? You’re not alone. And for parents, the struggle is real. Blogger and entrepreneur Samantha Broxton shared a video of herself and her husband attempting a yoga flow session, only to find that their adorable toddler wanted to join in.

The baby even broke into a few of the poses alongside mom and dad and proceeded to use their bodies as a jungle gym. Twitter can’t get enough, as the video has over 13,000 retweets and 25,000 likes from people who were touched and could relate to the distractions that babies tend to create.

Some people admired the parents’ ability to incorporate their baby in their exercise and keep their cool throughout the yoga session:

Others related to the struggle:

Broxton isn’t the first mom to bring kids into her workout. Scroll on to see the moms that manage to make workouts with the family fun:


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