Video shows police officer crashing car during drag race

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<p>One police officer has been fired following the discovery of this body camera footage</p> (Metropolitan Police Department)

One police officer has been fired following the discovery of this body camera footage

(Metropolitan Police Department)

Footage showing a crash during an alleged drag race between a group of police officers in a suburban area in Washington, DC, has been released

Four officers from the Metropolitan Police Department were reportedly involved in the crash that took place last month, damaging a nearby home.

The video first came to light during a press conference on Monday where Robert Contee, the acting police chief, said that one of the cops involved had been fired, according to Fox 5 News.

“The other individuals that were involved re part of the internal affairs investigation that will be going over to the Office of the Attorney General for their judicial review to make a determination on what the next steps will be, if there will be charges that come out of this investigation,” Mr Contee said.

The video, which was recorded by a camera attached to an officer who was a passenger in the police car, has a silent initial two minutes before the cars collide, setting off the airbags. Sound is then heard as the officer on the passenger side exits the car.

“Are you okay?” an unknown person asks.

‘”S***,” he answers. “Yeah, I’m good.”

The video then ends as the officer walks away from the scene, wiping his clothes.

“Obviously, these types of things are unacceptable. They’re embarrassing,” Mr Contee said. “It’s not something we tolerate. It’s certainly something that I would not tolerate as the chief of the Metropolitan Police Department.”

The crash took place in the Kenilworth area and led to the four officers being taken to hospital with non-serious injuries. They violated the area’s 25 miles per hour speed limit, hitting at least 60 miles per hour, according to the reporting from Fox 5.

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