Video: Louis Glismann hits ultra-rare inverted omoplata at OKTAGON 43

Omoplatas are rare within themselves, but an inverted one? You’re better off hitting the lottery than seeing one of those play out.

On Saturday in Prague, Louis Glismann (11-2) pulled off the unthinkable at OKTAGON 43, when he rolled and rolled opponent Melvin van Suijdam (14-6) and secured a tap at 4:57 of Round 1.

The sequence began when van Suijdam’s arm trapped was trapped between the legs of Glismann , who was on the back from the side. Glismann somersaulted forward, which caused van Suijdam to also take a nosedive. As Glismann finished his roll, he continued his torque but Suijdam’s roll was unable to continue. Glismann planted his forearm on the canvas, applied pressure, and got the tap.

With the victory, Glismann, a 32-year-old Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt, advances to the €1 million Tipisport Gamechanger welterweight tournament semifinal where he’ll face the winner of Andreas Michailidis vs. Marcel Grabinski in Oberhausen, Germany on June 17.

To put it in perspective, there have only been two normal omoplatas in UFC history. Ben Saunders and Adam Wieczorek are the two fighters to have successfully pulled them off. There hasn’t been an inverted one to date.

Check out the rare submission in the video above, courtesy of OKTAGON.

Story originally appeared on MMA Junkie