Victoria Allows Hubby, David Beckham To Tap Into His "Beauty Influencer" Side

David Beckham is now a beauty influencer thanks to his wife, Victoria Beckham. The former pro athlete took to TikTok to give the girlies (and guys) a short tutorial on using products from his wife's eponymous makeup brand.

Sex sells, so Beckham made sure to appear shirtless and ready to give everyone a show on Victoria's TikTok page. The caption reads, "Mr. Beckham's very own #VictoriaBeckhamBeauty tutorial," as he seemingly drops golden nuggets on the masses. If Posh Spice didn't teach her hubby anything else, she taught him how to catch the light as he started the clip off by saying, "So when I use a little bit of this, my wife tells me this is the best lighting to do content," while flicking a makeup brush back and forth under his eye area. The thing is, Mr. Becks looked stunning under the natural light, so of course the wife is always right.

He continues to drag the brush across his face saying, "Apparently, this is the best way to do it," but we're all unclear what product he's referring to — but he's supporting his wife and that's all that matters.

After this comedic display, we may or may not be blessed with another David Beckham Beauty tutorial. However, any time a straight man gives beauty a chance, we have to shout it out, for the culture.

Take a closer look ahead.