How The Vicious Mustang Became A Multi-Million Dollar Custom

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A lot went into this classic custom!

If you’ve ever watched an AutotopiaLA video, then you’ll know that there’s one thing that connects all classic custom cars together. That is that those vehicles are incredibly expensive. God help you if you want to pay a shop to custom build a ‘65 mustang or Corvette racer because you’ll be paying high money for that work. But a lot of people wonder exactly where all that money goes. Surely the right builder could do it for less, who knows you might’ve even done some good work to your own car for about half the cost of the average classic custom.

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Well, as Sean points out in the case of the Mustang, there are a lot of pieces that were completely bespoke. This, of course, includes the incredibly wide fender flares and a lot of the suspension manufacturing. You have to understand that you can’t just slap coils on to a classic car because a lot of them didn’t come with that stuff from the factory so it all has to be custom machined and manufactured. If you were to do this yourself it wouldn’t cost all that much, compared to what you see there, but you would spend a lot of time. What might take you decades would take a professional shop about a year or a few and would require the assistance of a lot of different parts. Designers, engineers, metal workers, you name it and all of those people have to be paid.

On top of all that, if you’ve ever tried to explore the wonderful world of boost when building your car you understand that superchargers and turbochargers are pretty expensive. The vicious Mustang has both a supercharger and twin turbo chargers which is very expensive. The transmission alone is about $35-$45,000 with the chassis being about 30 grand as well. So, altogether, when factoring in the 10,000 hours of work, this is a multi-million dollar vehicle whose only original parts include the A pillar and part of the cow. AutopiaLA has had a lot of screen time for this car and it’s easy to see why.

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