Vertical Cold Storage Bolingbrook Facility Achieves a Higher Standard of Service

NORTH SIOUX CITY, SD and BOLINGBROOK, IL / ACCESSWIRE / September 26, 2022 / Vertical Cold Storage highlights its Bolingbrook, IL facility, demonstrating its capacity to serve and support a customer base experiencing strong demand for innovative technology.

Conveniently located at 1310 Remington Blvd., the Bolingbrook facility offers leading cold storage solutions engineered to dramatically enhance customer performance, all powered by an experienced team of industry professionals.

Recently, the facility converted its warehouse management system (WMS) to meet the evolving needs of its customers.

Recent Improvements to the Bolingbrook Facility

Established pick lines to increase productivity on case pick accounts

Enhanced tracking of inventory to prevent loss

Addition of online scheduling platform

Windowless driver check-in compatible with WMS to expedite check-in process and enhance driver efficiency

Quick EDI setup and customer online portal providing real-time inventory and order entry access

Count-back program assigned to pick lines allowing immediate identification of inventory discrepancies to be able to notify customers

Ability of IT team to write customer-specific code to address unique requirements based on inventory tracking, lot codes and other external requirements

Ability to pull KPI focused reports tailored to customers' unique requirements and performance needs

Accurate expiration date reports and truck turn times

Transparent and accurate records

With Vertical's Higher Standard of Service, Chicago Area Clients Can Achieve More

With Vertical Cold Storage, clients gain access to innovative cold storage solutions managed by industry experts. Clients can tap into industry-leading solutions to drive key performance metrics and improve supply chain efficiency with dependable customer service, precise reporting, and a range of value-added services.

Bolingbrook Facility Cold Storage Services and Features

 Vertical Cold Storage, Monday, September 26, 2022, Press release picture
Vertical Cold Storage, Monday, September 26, 2022, Press release picture

Cutting-edge technology, combined with inventive automation helps drive performance across a wide range of industries.

Unmatched Customer Service Combined with Groundbreaking Technology

Starting with a foundation of customer service, Vertical Cold Storage taps into the power technology to drive warehouse performance and operational efficiency for customers.

Top-Tier Temperature Controlled Storage

Unparalleled quality and safety standards for the food production industry, ensuring the safety of dairy, proteins, CPGs, beverages, produce and more.

Blast Freezing Capacity

Helping customers expand capacity and capabilities with leading-edge blast freezing technology to preserve nutrients and meet or exceed food safety standards.

Fast EDI Setup

Streamlined EDI setup enables customers to improve efficiency across all locations, with standardized data accurately formatted into easy-to-analyze information.

Robust Analytics

Integrated analytics empower customers to make better, data-driven decisions based on accurate reporting that can be customized to meet customers' unique needs.

Standardized Processes

Standardized processes ensure reliability and consistency, while enhancing efficiency and reducing risk of errors.

Real Time Clarity on Inventory

Gain visibility into real-time inventory and supply chain information up to the second, offering an unparalleled look at the pulse of operations.

Chicago Centric Location Advantage

With its location central to Chicago and near intermodal ramps, Bolingbrook provides the ability to distribute to 85% of the country's population within two days.

About Vertical Cold Storage

Founded in 2020, Vertical Cold Storage is a South Dakota based full-service solution provider that builds, develops, and operates temperature-controlled facilities throughout the United States.

Vertical Cold emphasizes customer care and the satisfaction of supply chain professionals while deploying the industry's most up-to-date technology and automation. Focused on customer service, high-performance warehouse technology, and automation deployment, Vertical Cold Storage has earned a reputation as an industry leader in its field.

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