The Verilux HappyLight Is Helping Me Fight the Winter Blues—and It’s Still at Its Black Friday Low Price

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My bright mornings start with this nifty device.



My body and mind feel the repercussions of the shorter days and longer nights that accompany the colder seasons. I wake up to start my day when it's still dark outside, and I don't stop until it's dark again. Even though I try to use my lunch break to walk my dogs and simultaneously get some much-needed sunlight and vitamin D, it's simply not enough, and I struggle to get through my seasonal depression.

I learned about the benefits of light therapy as I tried to find ways to combat my funky moods. "Whole spectrum light has been used to relieve seasonal depression and increasingly is being used to help non-seasonal depression," psychiatrist Nigel Lester, M.D., explained to Real Simple. I received the Verilux HappyLight Luxe a couple of years ago as a Christmas gift from a friend who knew I had been eyeing it for months, and it's helped to brighten up my mornings.



To buy: $63 with coupon (was $100);

This best-selling light therapy lamp provides 10,000 lux of UV-free full spectrum light, four brightness levels, three color temperatures, and a five-minute increment programmable timer. I sit my HappyLight at my desk with the detachable stand and set a 30-minute timer as I journal and run through my to-do list in the morning, and it helps give me a small burst of energy that I need to start my day.


The Verilux lamp is only 2 pounds and .51 inches thick, making it easily portable for my holiday travels—I never have trouble finding room for it in my tote bag. Usually, this HappyLight model retails for $100, but right now, you can get it at Amazon at its Black Friday low price of $63 with the click-on-page coupon.

Don’t sleep on this Cyber Week deal. Lift your mood and start your day off on the right foot with the Verilux HappyLight Luxe.

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