Valley Relocation Provides Seamless Data Center Relocation Services for Your Move to Silicon Valley

A successful relocation service transforms the commercial moving industry by offering specialized data center relocations to Silicon Valley.

CONCORD, CA / ACCESSWIRE / October 5, 2022 / Valley Relocation, a popular commercial moving company, has been making rounds in the local news owing to its diversified data center relocation services. They have been assisting businesses to relocate to the technology hub, Silicon Valley, with the help of specialized logistics. Depending on different moving requirements, they had previously been celebrated for commercial equipment moves for businesses, offices, and data centers.

Valley Relocation , Wednesday, October 5, 2022, Press release picture
Valley Relocation , Wednesday, October 5, 2022, Press release picture

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During the pandemic, several businesses have had to relocate most of their employees to remote work and relocate their data centers to smaller, more appropriate spaces. With such high demand in the IT industry, Valley Relocation has taken it upon itself to offer seamless, easy, and quick IT equipment moving services to the business that needs them.

The data center relocation service provider offers a complex and diverse set of expertise to businesses that need to move their technical equipment from one place to another. Whether the businesses require an on-site move or a complete relocation, Valley Relocation provides seamless experiences to all its clients.

Shedding light on how the local commercial moving company helps businesses relocate to Silicon Valley, they offer five major services. In the first stage, they offer complete IT Data Center Relocation, where they pack, move, assemble, disassemble, and store your equipment. However, if a business doesn't require the full-service package, they can always choose from the other four services that Valley Relocation offers.

These include but are not limited to data center de-rack, re-rack, and re-cable services, de-installing and reinstalling important electronics, disassembling and reassembling equipment, and carefully packing and moving the IT equipment through climate-controlled shipping.

A spokesperson from Valley Relocation further defined their data center relocation services, "We specialize in offering IT equipment moving services and have been serving the IT industry on various levels. However, with the recent pandemic, more businesses are moving closer to the hub of technology while letting the rest of their workforce operate remotely. So, how could we stand back and not help out? We decided to offer specialized moving services to data centers to help them move to Silicon Valley in a seamless procedure. Our only aim is to make the transition period for the business easy, smooth, and worry-free."

The moving company has been offering a team of IT Equipment Movers, known as the BluLightTech division, to help make a move easy for businesses. In their range of diverse services, the data center relocation services are modifiable based on a business's moving needs. A company can work with an independent group of professional movers by Valley Relocation, or they can hire a few of their experts that can work alongside their teams.

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Valley Relocation has been offering commercial moving services to different industries for over 37 years. They specialize in providing office movers, IT equipment moving services, and helping relocate biotech labs using climate control shipping and other specialized logistics.

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