'This Is Us' teases present-day Jack and Twitter is totally freaking out

This Is Us took the focus off of the Pearsons, ahead of next week's season finale, as this week's penultimate episode was all about Deja.

The episode, titled "This Big, Amazing, Beautiful Life," took fans through Deja's backstory, including her birth, having to be an adult to her mother, going through foster homes with abusive foster parents, and, ultimately, meeting Randall Pearson and his family. After being evicted from their apartment, Deja and her mother, Shauna, seek refuge in Randall and Beth's home. It's there that Shauna realizes that the Pearsons can provide Deja with more than she could ever dream of and, more importantly, a normal childhood.

It was a very emotional episode as it ended with Deja having a sweet moment with Randall, who asked her what was on her mind. Deja shared, "You remember, a while ago, you told me I reminded you of you? That was kind of weird to me, honestly, 'cause you seemed so different from me." Randall quietly listened to Deja as she also explained how some people are rich, some are poor, some sleep in beds, and some sleep on the floor. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, everyone sleeps.

The touching scene between Randall and Deja was buzzing around social media Tuesday night, but it was the sneak peek of next week's episode, and a glimpse of present-day Jack Pearson, that had Twitter totally freaking out. One person tweeted:

"Am I dreaming? Did I just see an aged jack in the preview? What is happening."

While another user wrote:

"Don't give me future Jack when he could just still be alive"

And then there was this hilarious GIF: "Rebecca throwing away Miguel when she sees Jack's ghost next week."

Stop trying to make Miguel happen. It's not going to happen. But in all seriousness, who made that GIF?