'This Is Us' Fall finale ends with Kevin in handcuffs

On the Fall finale of This Is Us, Kevin desperately needed Randall's help. After an on set injury that flared up an old knee injury, he'd become addicted to painkillers and he was about to hit rock bottom. But when he went to Randall's house to tell him just that, Randall said, "I already know. Kate lost the baby."

That definitely wasn't what Kevin was going to tell Randall but his problems got a little bit eclipsed by all the other stuff going on in the family. Like how Kate lost her baby and how Randall had to say goodbye to his foster daughter.

Needless to say Kevin felt like maybe he needed to deal with his addictions on his own, right after his vodka screwdriver. He left in a big drunk hurry but there was one problem, besides the alcohol --- his niece, Tess had stowed away in the back seat so she could hang out with her uncle.

Fortunately, the police arrived just in the nick time and this episode only ended with handcuffs and a DUI and not a visit to the morgue.