'This Is Us' characters struggle with heartbreaking loss

On This Is Us, the second episode in the trilogy focusing on "The Big Three" was all about Kate and the shocking news we received at the end of last week's episode.

During the episode, titled "Number Two", Kate and her fiancé Toby mourned the loss of their baby. However, they each dealt with their grief in very different ways. Just 12 hours later, Kate was ready to the leave the house for a singing gig, while a confused Toby asked her to sit on the couch to watch classic sitcoms and cry. Per usual, the tough exterior Kate was putting on was just a cover for the breakdown she was actually having on the inside. Kate was actually in a stage of total denial and, ultimately, shut Toby out, which, of course, led to a big fight. "It happened to me, it didn't happen to you." said Kate to Toby, who responded, "I will be your entire support system through all of this. I will hold your head in my lap, and I will stroke your hair, and I will tell you that everything is gonna be okay until the cows come home. But what I will not do, what is not fair for you to do, is to tell me that I wasn't a part of this."

Luckily, there was someone in Kate's life who could relate to her devastating loss. Her mother, Rebecca. After sharing how she recovered after losing Kate and Kevin's brother, Kyle, and advising Kate to open up to Toby, Kate was suddenly ready to move on as she told Toby, "I want to try again. Not yet. But maybe soon."