US-Based ESG Platform 'Brightest' Announces Accessible and Affordable Social Impact, Sustainability, and ESG Compliance Tech Software

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New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - June 28, 2022) -  Brightest has launched its modern, accessible, and affordable social impact, sustainability, and ESG Platform. The announcement is made in the wake of the increasing importance of ESG data for business operations across the globe. There is an unprecedented demand for data insights and reporting solutions from small and medium-sized companies, as well as large corporations. Big companies are demanding data from their suppliers, vendors, and partners in order to comply with environmental regulations, investor expectations, and customer trends.

The announcement from Brightest also focuses on the recent ESG regulations and climate targets declared by the European Union under its EU Green Deal commitments and Corporate sustainability reporting directive (CSRD). Initially, it will apply to large companies in the EU with more than 250 employees and a 40 million Euro turnover and is likely to be extended to smaller companies, eventually encompassing all businesses. It also applies to non-EU companies that generate more than 150 million Euros in revenue from the EU. Banks, investors, and private equity are already demanding ESG compliance from their portfolios, which makes it essential for every company to track and report their ESG and sustainability performance.

In the wake of these recent developments in the legal and regulatory realms regarding climate targets and sustainable development goals across the globe, companies, irrespective of their size and operational capacity, are required to comply with ESG data and reporting rules. Brightest is committed to ensuring that companies of all sizes, including small businesses and Startups, can also access social impact, sustainability, and ESG services and solutions.

"Not every company has the resources to spend millions of dollars to track and report their ESG and sustainability performance. Therefore, the important question is, how do we make ESG accessible, affordable, and intuitive for every company? At Brightest, we offer integrated, beautifully designed, secure, easy-to-use technology that gives companies a foundational data central to understand their ESG performance, report on it, and improve it," says Chris Bolman, Founder, and CEO of Brightest.

Brightest's technology and services focus on simplifying social impact, sustainability, and ESG compliance for companies by providing them with comprehensive data collection, collaboration, and impact measurement capabilities in order to connect their mission, brand, strategy, and operations with sustainable development targets.

"ESG used to be important only for the largest, publicly traded companies, but now it is essential for every company. ESG considerations like climate change, food shortages, and geopolitical events impact the entire world economy, and we want to democratize access to the insights and tools companies need to reduce regulatory risk and achieve their full potential in a low carbon economy." Chris Bolman added.

Brightest is a unified software platform for social impact, ESG, and sustainability.

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