What Is Unspoken Rizz? 23 Tweets That Might Just Explain It To You

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(Photo: Hiraman via Getty Images)
(Photo: Hiraman via Getty Images)

(Photo: Hiraman via Getty Images)

Chatup lines are all well and good (or let’s be honest, usually bad and awful), but for some people, the silently charming approach to flirting works better.

This is nothing new, of course, but it’s had recently had a rebrand on social media – and now it seems to be called “unspoken rizz” (or rizz for short).

If you spend any time on TikTok, you’ll have spotted the trend, as users show off their best cool-as-you-like glances, gestures and nods to camera without a word, before confidently strolling out of shot.

The term originated in New York and is widely credited to YouTuber and Switch streamer Kai Cenat, who has told his millions of followers that his “rizz’ helps him attract a partner.

But for those who aren’t on TikTok, we’ve rounded up some of the best Twitter chatter on the trend – including why it’s got the potential to turn problematic.

Brandon asking the question we’re all asking

People are helpfully here to explain the basics

But there’s quite some debate on the specifics

Lots of people are crediting the OG ‘rizz’ man

Unspoken rizz is a moment for the introverts

LGBTQ folk are giving it a go, too

But, let’s be frank, not everyone’s here for it

Unspoken rizz isn’t always going to work for you

Because there’s a fine line between rizz and harassment

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