THE UNSEEN Launches World’s First Holographic, Color-Changing Hair Dye

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Ever heard of a hair dye that changes color with temperature? Me neither. London-based, beauty brand THE UNSEEN has once again managed to disrupt our perception of reality with the release of COLOUR ALCHEMY. Inspired by colors found in nature and designed with science, this ground-breaking product changes your hair color in a heatbeat.

"Together with Schwarzkopf Professional we formulated COLOUR ALCHEMY with a view to put something truly innovative into the hands of our community," explains Lauren Bowker, founder of THE UNSEEN, in an exclusive press release. Adding "The exciting part comes now when you create," - inviting you to join this growing boundary-pushing ecosystem.

Now, if you are like me, and have the spontaneous urge for a hair refresh every month, COLOUR ALCHEMY is the right choice for you. This unique, temporary hair dye leverages your hair color to unseen, tonal spectrums, without damaging the hair or scalp. The cruelty-free collection is bleach free, as well, as the dye works on even the darkest hair tones.

THE UNSEEN Beauty Colour Alchemy Campaign Holographic Hair Andrite Borealis Peacock
THE UNSEEN Beauty Colour Alchemy Campaign Holographic Hair Andrite Borealis Peacock

If this is starting to sound like hair witchery, it is worth explaining how the product works. COLOUR ALCHEMY scatters light in a range of kaleidoscopic hues, which transform and shift in response to temperature - replicating the visual effect of the "structural color" phenomenon found in nature.

Available in 5 different bold holographic shades, "Scarab," "Peacock," "Borealis," "Andrite," and "Phoenix," you simply paint or sponge the COLOUR ALCHEMY gel-cream formula into your hair, let it dry and wait for the magic to happen. Color-changing triggers include sunlight, body temperature, movement or the use of heat hair tools.

THE UNSEEN first stirred the beauty industry with the release of SPECTRA, a dual reality eyeshadow that transforms in the digital world. Now, with COLOUR ALCHEMY, the brand is fuelling a movement towards functional and reactive beauty. The product range is now available to purchase on THE UNSEEN website, priced at £66 (approximately $80 USD).

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