Unit exhumes Ukrainian soldiers killed in battle

STORY: The group dug out the body of soldier on Monday at a former position of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the village of Dementiivka, some 10 km from the border with Russia.

"Each unit keeps a record of personnel who are missing. If we have not monitored and we do not have information that they are in captivity, they are considered as missing until the bodies are retrieved and the body is also identified," said National guardsman Vitalii Shum.

Ukraine's General Staff of Armed Forces reported that Dementiivka was liberated on May 18. The area came under constant shelling until Ukraine’s counteroffensive which sent Russian troops back from the Kharkiv region, the report said.

Ukrainian forces have reclaimed swathes of the Kharkiv region and some areas in the south during successful counter-offensive actions in recent weeks.