Unidef Instigate to Accelerate Global Transition to Decentralization Through its Global Network

Unidef is conceptualizing a network of member organizations globally to work together towards a common goal of supporting and accelerating ideas, projects, and technologies for the decentralized web. 

DUBAI, UAE, Dec. 7, 2022 /CNW/ -- Unidef (unidef.org), the non-profit organization, has now officially initiated to accelerate the global transition to a decentralized future through brands and actions.

Unidef Logo
Unidef Logo

Employing a unique approach to assist the building of decentralized technologies that are being conceptualized today and that the organization believes will help move the world forward and make up the bedrock of the future. Unidef is committed to supporting innovation in the Crypto, Web3, NFT, and Metaverse space.

With the aim of empowering impactful and sustainable change that will move the world forward, Unidef has started with a global network of member organizations, each one focusing on different solutions. The organization aims to bridge the gap between builders of the next generation. By carving out a system of identifying niche projects that will make up the foundation of the decentralized web.

"We are ushering in a new era—not just of social interaction and finance but life as we know it—in the wake of a decentralized future," Says Azim Ghader, Global CEO of Unidef, "and this future will depend on decentralized technologies. There is, therefore a need for us to explore new approaches, new partnerships, and a new mindset that encourages new actors to show up and lend a hand. We must forgo the use of old technologies that are not as efficient or sustainable as they could be and build better, more inclusive models that allow for improved participation and distributed control."

"Innovation for Web3 relies on access to resources including ideas, equipment, information, funding, technology, and people," added Azim. Saying that there is a pressing need for global cooperation in order to facilitate results and multiply the potential for impact. It is for this reason that the organization has set up these independent entities that will empower individuals, projects, and communities to build decentralized technologies. Supporting them through grants, strategic investments, expert guidance, and much-needed organizational support.

Anticipating that with the growth of Web3 and the Metaverse, people will soon be spending a lot more time online than they currently do. Unidef claims that encouraging innovation will be a key driver in achieving global economic growth and that decentralized technologies will aid sustainability. For this reason, it is important to invest in and nurture the development of a sustainable infrastructure for the future of the internet.

About Unidef

Unidef is a non-profit organization consisting of a global network of member entities working together to accelerate the world's transition to decentralization through brands and actions. Some of these include; providing education, supporting projects, empowering communities and builders of next-generation technologies, incubating creative ideas in the Web3 space, and providing institutional and organizational support.

For more information and updates, visit  www.unidef.org and follow @UnidefGlobal on Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, and Facebook.

About Azim Ghader 

Azim Ghader is an entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, and the Global CEO of Unidef. He can be followed on LinkedIn and Twitter (@AzimGhader).

About Unidef Times 

Unidef Times is a Crypto and Web3-focused news publication that seeks to inform, engage, and empower with up-to-date information and events happening globally. Documenting and reporting—in real-time—the rebuilding of the global economy to a decentralized model. For more information and updates, visit www.unidef.org and follow @UnidefTimes on Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, and Facebook.


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