The unfortunate reason a couple got sent home on 'The Amazing Race'

On The Amazing Race, Lucas, of Team Ocean rescue, forgot one of the most important rules of the competition: Keep your passport on you at all times. Lucas somehow lost his passport on a plane from Zimbabwe to Dubai en route to Bahrain, leaving him and fiancée Brittany stranded as the other teams took off for the next leg of the race.

The couple had to go to the U.S. consulate in Dubai to get a temporary passport. Even after that setback, Lucas and Brittany were thinking positively.

“We are going to try to find the first flight out to Bahrain,” Brittany said. Lucas added, “And the good part is there are flights leaving every hour, and it’s a very short flight — an hour and 15 minutes. So hopefully everybody is lost.”

Sadly for Lucas and Brittany, nobody was lost. In fact, they were milking camels in the hot Bahraini sun.

By the time Lucas and Brittany showed up to what would have been their first challenge of the leg, it was already dark and every other team had finished for the day. Host Phil Keoghan was waiting for them and commended them on their tenacity, but it was too late.

“Unfortunately, as you can see, the sun is set,” Keoghan said. “The teams have checked in. You’re the last team to make it to Bahrain, and unfortunately, you’re eliminated from the race.”

“I figured,” Brittany said.

Lucas became emotional, feeling he had let down his family, his friends, and, worst of all, his fiancée.

The Amazing Race airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on CBS.

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