An unexpected Halloween horror

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<span>Photograph: PA</span>
Photograph: PA

Can anyone explain to me why the silhouettes of men threatening violence appearing in Halloween windows are acceptable? I’ve spoken to several other women who have been similarly unnerved by the images. As a country, we have a dangerous problem with male physical aggression and a need to educate boys and young men that this is not acceptable, let alone a source of “fun”. Please, if we must have Halloween, can we leave it to the cats and pumpkins?
Mary Andrews
Kirkhill, Highland

• Your report on prison inmates being allowed to play in chess tournaments (UK prisoners allowed to play chess in global online tournament, 13 October) did not mention John Healy, the ex-alcoholic and petty criminal who learned chess in prison and became an extremely successful player, which he wrote about in his memoir The Grass Arena.
Clive Sykes

• Joint Council for Qualifications regulations state: “Food and drink may be allowed in the examination room at the discretion of the head of centre.” So do not lobby the education secretary (Letters, 15 October). Instead, approach your school or college principal, probably via the exams officer.
Ian Randall
Fakenham, Norfolk

• I have a memory of my late mother-in-law saying her class were given a small glass of sherry before their exams, by the nuns.
Jo Burden
Marlow, Buckinghamshire

• “A World Cup every two years would kill the golden goose” says your headline in the print edition (18 October). For the record: it was the eggs that were golden.
Roger Osborne
Snainton, North Yorkshire

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