UNDERCOVER SS23 Braided Horns Hairstyle Serves as Major Halloween Inspo

Jun Takahashi‘s UNDERCOVER Spring/Summer 2023 runway show during Paris Fashion Week delivered chic Halloween hair inspiration.

Set against a moody backdrop in the historic American Cathedral in Paris, the models swayed down the runway in editorial evening wear. The collection transitioned onward to collegiate attire with bomber jackets and gender-neutral silhouettes. What caught our attention the most were the braided hairstyle variations. In the spirit of the upcoming spooky season, we saw hair themes on the models that mirrored two plaited french devil horns, all-inclusive of different textures and hair types. To give the style more of an edge, some models sported braided horns with a tight bun underneath, while others featured a sleek ponytail moment.

The versatile hair looks seen down the runway for UNDERCOVER can be great for Halloween but transcends further into the festive seasons trending for key holiday hair features. Catch more catwalk clips below to get closer to the SS23 hair moments.