Uncertainty at polls as some Cambridge voters say election was unnecessary

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Some Cambridge voters at Tapestry Hall polling station were either uncertain or uninformed about the issues going into the Sept. 20 election. Cambridge Times spoke with about 30 voters at the polling station to get a sense of what was on voters' minds when exiting the polls.

Jack Dodgen said he “was just happy to vote,” but wasn’t driven by any issues in particular this election.

Similarly Cambridge voter Margaret Deicon said nothing in particular was on her mind during this election season, but emphasized that it was “important to vote.”

Some, like Filomene Andrew, say that what causes the confusion and uncertainty is the unnecessary election itself.

"We shouldn’t be having an election right now,” said Andrew.

A poll from Ipsos and Global News found that 13 per cent of Canadians didn’t know who they would vote for going into the Sept. 20 election. Nearly 47 per cent of voters don’t like any of the parties, while 50 per cent say that there shouldn’t be an election right now amid an ongoing COVID pandemic.

Xavier Soles said he was confused partially because of the mixed messages the parties were sending.

“I feel confused, because from what I hear from the debates, it was a lot of parties throwing dirt at each other instead of getting together and seeing who proposed the best deal for us,” said Soles. “That’s where it confused me. Do I want a grouch right now when we’re in a pandemic or do I want solutions?”

Genelle Levy, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Cambridge Times

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