UNC medical students show rap and dancing skills in new ‘Carolina Blue’ YouTube video

The fresh-faced doctors of tomorrow honing their skills in Chapel Hill can not only dish out diagnoses and call up quick cures, but they’re also handy with rap lyrics — able to rhyme sedation with dislocation while dancing in their scrubs.

The students from UNC Medical School’s class of 2026 have produced a soon-to-be-viral video advertising their program in hopes of inspiring future physicians to join them.

Their first-ever video effort, titled “Carolina Blue (Med School Anthem),” joins a small group of medical school performances — notably Harvard University, which has managed to collect more than 3 million views so far.

For nearly 8 minutes, the UNC students dance around Roper Hall and the medical center’s helipad in their white lab coats, toss a basketball around the Dean Dome and join Rameses on the field at Kenan Stadium. They even film a blooper reel.

Rapping about medical terms

Their rhymes are admirably sprinkled with medical terminology that will cause most viewers to seek a dictionary, but they still trigger spasms of head-bobbing.

A sample:

Sharin’ knowledge like we was mitotic

Got your heads bumpin’ will make you kyphotic

Carolina Blue ‘cause our crew’s cyanotic

A patient’s world turns Carolina Blue

The video’s plot features an an anxiety-ridden patient who describes “lots of vomiting” while deciding which medical school to join. The video’s doctor prescribes a sort of hypnosis in which the patient drifts off imagining a world turned sky blue.

The film cuts to Dr. Edward Kernick, associate professor, who issues a welcome while wearing dark shades, and then the rap kicks in:

I got three words U-N-C

working hard for that MD ...”

“You can watch this video and see what sort of program we have at UNC, that we love what we’re doing here,” said T.J. Turner, one of the students. “We know that this sort of video is how a lot of young people consume information these days.”

The project took a year to assemble, and now one task remains:

Beating Harvard.