UN biodiversity summit: 'We need to act substantially and we need to act now'

Two weeks after the COP27 wrapped up in Egypt, negotiators are meeting in Montreal, Canada for a UN summit focused on biodiversity. Countries will be setting their targets to protect the world's ecosystems, with the goal of coming up with a Paris-style agreement. It comes as the planet is facing a sixth mass extinction event – one that, as Australian ecologist Mark Burgman explains, humans are responsible for – both because of how and what we consume and how quickly we do so. He joined us for Perspective.

Burgman says the targets being put forward at the COP15 biodiversity summit are attainable if we act quickly, but are still not enough.

He tell us that the only path forward to avoid devastating biodiversity loss is a more equitable distribution of resources, and for humans to change our habits and expectations when it comes to consumption.

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