Umpire pulls giant bug out of his ear during Yankees-White Sox game, goes back to work

This is disgusting. And bizarre. And terrifying.

Second base umpire Bruce Dreckman needed the assistance of a trainer during the New York Yankees’ 7-3 win over the Chicago White Sox on Wednesday.

He wasn’t hurt.

He found a willing participant for what can be properly described as an icky task in Yankees trainer Steve Donohue when he found something in his ear during the ninth inning.

Camera catches one of baseball’s grosser moments

The moment was caught by a YES Network camera. If the thought of giant bugs digging through your ear canal doesn’t frighten you, then the video above is for you.

Umpire Bruce Dreckman pulled a giant bug out of his ear during Wednesday’s Yankees-White Sox game and calmly went right back to work. (AP)

Good on Dreckman for finding something from an “Alien” movie in his ear and being ready to go right back to work.

As for why he felt compelled to give it to Donohue or why Donohue willingly accepted it and watched it wriggle between his fingers is anybody’s guess.

Update: Broadcasters concluded that it was actually a moth, not an alien monster from the depths of space that flew into Dreckman’s ear.

MLB video from Yahoo Sports

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