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Depop - how to buy and sell on the appDepop

Depop. What is it? And why is everyone so obsessed with it? We're pretty certain by now you've probably heard the words uttered from stylish friends and colleagues "oh this, I got it on Depop". One of the most popular antidotes to fast fashion, Depop is the marketplace app for second-hand, handcrafted and reworked items.

What is Depop?

If you can photograph it with your smartphone you're pretty much set to sell it on Depop, however it's clothes and accessories that's the main focus, and what takes up most of the app. Think of it as an international car boot sale but on your phone, or in some sellers cases much more of a curated vintage market, and like TikTok, the app is especially loved by Gen Z, with a considerable amount of it's users being in their late teens and early twenties.

It's not the first - or only - platform of it's kind; you have Etsy for the craft lovers, Vestiaire Collective for fancy designer cast offs and of course the OG, eBay.
But Depop's Instagram style interface, displaying all the treasures in grid format as well as its explore style homepage, with a 'suggested for you' and 'based on your likes and saves' stream of uploaded items, its general user friendly ease for both buyers and sellers is what makes it so popular. By following accounts or 'stores' with items you like, Depop will suggest styles and sellers with that same aesthetic. The more accounts you follow the more exposed your own shop becomes, too.

Building a community of likeminded savvy shoppers, people have become much more interested in shopping sustainably, with resale markets like Depop being the answer to fixing fast-fashion shopping habits without having to leave your cosy home. Plus, the appeal of no one else having your item, and that unique-ness that comes from second-hand shopping is not only eco-conscious but addictive.

Stemmed from the idea of swapping clothes with friends, it has transformed into something much bigger and is totally made for today's world. The use of tags and freedom to create an individual seller profile cement it as a firm fave. Y2k fashion is BIG on Depop, if you're looking for 00's embellished crop tops or baguette shoulder bags, get yourself on there asap and lose hours scrolling through heaps of options. Oh, and if you haven't checked out the Instagram account @depopdrama yet, you can thank us later.

If you're after a little motivation for setting up an account, look no further than Internet Girl (aka Bella McFadden). Based in the US, Internet Girl is the global number 1 seller on the app and in 2020 reached over £1million sold on Depop. Yes, our wardrobe clear outs possibly won't amount to that much, but still, worth a try right?

Photo credit: Depop
Photo credit: Depop

Celebrities, musicians and fashion editors have all jumped on board too, with profiles on the app. A long time lover of trading vintage and second hand clothing Lily Allen has sold hundreds of items, whilst models Naomi Shimada and Leomie Anderson both showcase their own gems on their stores. You can also find Anne Marie, Clara Amfo and Maisie Williams on Depop, raiding their wardrobes, including outfits from events and past appearances on offer.

If you haven't joined the revolution yet, here is our guide to the app and how to use it.

How to sell on Depop

It really is as easy as having a camera phone, but seasoned sellers may invest in digital cameras and studio lighting to get an eye grabbing shot. Sellers can only upload a maximum of 4 photos of their item for each listing, plus an optional video, which adds to that curated feel. The business savvy among us might take to art-directing shoots, either modelling items themselves or on friends, all within plant filled interiors or in front of draped backgrounds, which helps grab customers attention. If you post items regularly, uploading pieces each week, this'll help boost your visibility on the app and attract more eyes on your garms.

Photo credit: Depop
Photo credit: Depop

With no limits on how long an item can stay listed for it allows users to create their own online shop. There is also the option for sellers to offer bundle deals when users message with interest in nabbing multiple items, as well as implementing discount sales across their Depop shop to encourage more users to commit to purchases.

A new feature that's recently launched on the app is the opportunity for buyers to 'make offer' on items. Another way to encourage sales and a more formal way for buyers to negotiate their price.

How to leave a review

To leave reviews on Depop, once the buyer has received their item, both the seller and buyer can rate their experience by clicking on the five red stars, followed by the option to leave a quick comment. You can see a users review rating and number of reviews received sitting beneath the username on their profile.

Guide to fees

Payments were primarily transacted via Paypal, but now with 'Depop Payments' you can connect your bank account to the app allowing buyers to use Apple Pay, Google Pay and debit/credit card to pay for an item. In this case sellers' earnings would come through as a 'balance' on the app and then deposited into their bank account, instead of being managed in a separate Paypal account.

For any items you sell, Depop takes a 10% fee, no matter the payment method, and this is taken off the total sale immediately before it comes through to your Paypal account or Depop balance.

How to delete a Depop account

Honestly, it's pretty simple. All you need to do is email using the email address that is linked with your Depop account, with your username and request to delete. You can also now change your username by emailing Depop, or within the app settings.

Top UK Depop stores to follow


You'll instantly be pressing follow once you check out the bright and beautiful curated vintage 5th Season has on offer, including printed blouses, 80s jackets, and plenty of one off leather and denim pieces.


Patton Studio's Depop store is like a gold mine for Y2K and 90s vintage shoes, bags, sunglasses and scarves, as well as excellent leather jackets and unique separates.


With a minimalist aesthetic, Hannah's store is perfect for tailored pieces and basics in muted tones, both modern and vintage.


A vintage accessories haven, Depop store Wilew is filled to the brim with unique bags and shoes.


With an impressive selection of denim and rare/archive designer pieces, you'll spend all day scrolling and discovering items from store Archive Six.


Follow Sooki Sooki Vintage for bold and bright vintage, as well as branded pieces, all showcased with retro 70’s inspired styling and cool photoshoots.


Mini's world is one we want to be a part of. Shot against a clean white background her treasures consist of classic cami tops and 90s mini and midi skirts that create a cool, relaxed capsule wardrobe.


Excellent name, excellent shop. Snake Cake offer a whole host of ultra cool, well styled pieces in both womenswear and menswear.


The Y2K 'queen of Depop', follow Isabella's store for 90s and 00's gems.


For lots of unique and joyful vintage treasures from the 70s - 90s, Selena's shop is definitely worth following. The range of amazing prairie dresses alone is *chef's kiss*.


A beautifully curated mix of vintage, check out The General Space for unique one off pieces and standout dresses.

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