Ulrika Jonsson 'loved' posing for lads' magazines

Ulrika Jonsson doesn't regret posing for magazines credit:Bang Showbiz
Ulrika Jonsson doesn't regret posing for magazines credit:Bang Showbiz

Ulrika Jonsson feels proud of her lads' magazine photoshoots.

The 56-year-old TV presenter posed for various lads' mags during her younger years, and Ulrika has insisted that she doesn't have any regrets about it now.

She wrote in The Sun newspaper: "It's hard to imagine for some that this 56-year-old bird once featured on the covers of many a lads’ mag in decades gone past.

"But it’s true. I did.

"Recently I was asked how I felt about having been splashed across the cover and centrefold of them.

"Had I believed I was being used or objectified?

"Had I considered myself cajoled into stripping off with less than a handkerchief to protect my dignity and spare my blushes?

"As a feminist, had I felt wronged because the pictures would undoubtedly bring on a hot flush in some filthy-minded men?

"The answer has always been, 'No. I definitely had not'."

Ulrika still feels proud of her appearance in the magazines.

The TV star also insisted that she had a certain amount of "control" over the photoshoots.

She said: "Like many other women who were asked to appear in these magazines, I felt a sense of pride and fun and, moreover, control. And I’m not alone."

What's more, Ulrika suggested that the issue shouldn't be taken too seriously.

She shared: "The photoshoots were simply good fun and didn’t phase me at all.

"I wasn’t promoting any particular sexual practice.

"I wasn’t representing what I might do in the bedroom - it was purely a bit of role play, not unlike an actor taking on a new character portrayal.

"I loved it because I felt completely in control, I didn’t feel compromised in any way. I was able to express a different version of myself."