Ukrainian MP says her people are ‘not going to be slaves’ despite Russian invasion

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Member of the Ukrainian Parliament Yelyzaveta Oleksiyivna Yasko (AFP via Getty Images)
Member of the Ukrainian Parliament Yelyzaveta Oleksiyivna Yasko (AFP via Getty Images)

A Ukrainian MP has vowed that her people are “not going to be slaves” and said they would not lose any more territory to Russia.

Yelyzaveta Yasko warned that Ukraine will refuse to any compromise with Russia if it results in the loss of land

Speaking to Sophy Ridge on Sunday, she said: “We’re not going to give any territory to Russia - there cannot be any compromise to that.

"Civilians, and military, and our army, we’re not going to forgive this," she says, meaning the casualties. "It’s not even in discussion."

"We believe that we can bring Crimea back. Now Putin is completely in a crazy mood and we understand that he is using all his force to destroy Ukraine... we need to have our territories back because as already paid a very high price.

"We will go to the end to have our territories back.

"I think it’s very hard to win (a war) because there are always victims... (this is) something we’ll remember for hundreds of years in the future but of course talking about our freedom, our place, our territory, there is no other way but victory.

"We are not going to be slaves - it’s not acceptable for us."

Her comments came after Ukraine’s defence ministry published its daily update on Russian combat losses.

According to its data, almost 30,000 Russian personnel have been killed, 1,285 tanks ruined and 204 aircraft destroyed.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called for sanctions against Russia to be “accelerated”, while the UK has warned Russia has dispatched its ‘Terminator’ tanks to the Donbas.

He made the comments following a phone conversation with Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi on Saturday.

He said in a video address: "The main focus was on the situation on the battlefield and how Ukraine’s victory can be brought closer.

"We agreed that the sixth package of sanctions against Russia should be accelerated. I am grateful for Italy’s full support on our path to the European Union."

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