Ukrainian artists transform former 'Russia House' ahead of Davos

STORY: Now dubbed the "Russian War Crimes House", the building is set to be filled with photographs taken by Ukrainians depicting the war and a map of alleged atrocities, using data provided by the general prosecutor of Ukraine and Amnesty International.

"Here in Davos, say, the world's most powerful people come together, and to them we also have to show who is suffering and why they are suffering," the director of the Pinchuk Arts Centre in Kyiv, Bjorn Geldhof, told Reuters.

Construction crews have been finishing pop-up networking facilities for the business and political elite that descends for the May 22-26 conference.

Geneva-based WEF says the meeting will bring together more than 2,000 leaders and experts from around the world, somewhat fewer than some past meetings. No government or corporate bigwigs from Russia were invited, because of the Ukraine war.

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