Ukraine war: Russia forced to rely on 'stand-off' munitions, MoD says - as satellite images show craters and houses hit outside Kyiv

Ukraine's air defences are forcing Russian troops to rely on "stand-off munitions" and unguided 'dumb' bombs to conduct attacks, according the UK's Ministry of Defence (MoD).

In a fresh intelligence update, the MoD confirmed that over the past 24 hours, Russia has targeted the cities of Lutsk and Ivano-Frankivsk.

But "staunch resistance" from Ukraine has meant that the 'stand-off' munitions have been needed by Russia to aim at targets deep inside Ukraine.

"Such weapons are relatively inaccurate and indiscriminate and their use significantly increases the likelihood of civilian casualties," the MoD said.

Meanwhile, new satellite imagery has shown what appears to be Russian forces firing artillery from a village 17 miles northwest of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, as well as damage to Hostomel Airport.

In one of the pictures, there is a row of artillery guns in Ozera and service members seem to be firing in a southeasterly direction.

A bright muzzle flash is captured coming from one of the weapons while smoke billows from five other guns, suggesting they were also recently fired.

The targets of the artillery barrage are unclear but four miles southeast of Ozera is the town of Moschun where the satellite imagery shows multiple homes on fire.

There is widespread damage and impact craters can be seen throughout the town.

Among the other images from Maxar, is one showing damage to buildings and fuel storage tanks on fire at Hostomel Airport.

And in another picture, long lines of cars are seen with people trying to flee Kyiv.