Properties featured in The Crown rack up energy bills of up to £2m

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Claire Foy in The Crown
Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth II in The Crown. Photo: Netflix

Energy bills of the properties featured in the new season of Netflix (NFLX) drama The Crown are estimated to cost up to a combined £2.2m a year, according to analysis by Energy Helpline.

The show, which chronicles the life of Queen Elizabeth II from the 1940s to modern times, features several royal residences, with Buckingham Palace costing the most in energy bills. The 775 room palace in Westminster, London, racks up an estimated £1,078,470 ($1,423,974) per year.

Buckingham Palace could save £299,487 each year by switching from a standard variable tariff to the most competitive fixed rate energy deal currently on the market, according to Energy Helpline.

Buckingham Palace at sunrise - London, UK.
Buckingham Palace costs the most in energy bills. Photo: Getty

The Queen’s weekend retreat, Windsor Castle comes in second place, with the 100 room residence is the world’s oldest inhabited castle and costs £630,410 per year in energy bills.

Princess Diana’s family estate Althorp House is the third most expensive, with an annual bill of up to £130,250.

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE, ENGLAND. Aerial view of Althorp, this grade 1 listed stately home was the home of Lady Diana Spencer who later became the Princess of Wales, it is located on the Harlestone Road between the villages of Great Brington and Harlestone, 5 miles north west of Northampton. Photograph by David Goddard/Getty Images)
Princess Diana’s family estate Althorp House is the third most expensive property featured in season four of The Crown. Photo: David Goddard/Getty Images

The Queen’s country home, Sandringham House in Norfolk racks up bills of £103,817 per year, while her Scottish residence Balmoral Castle costs up to £101,527 in gas and electricity bills.

Anmer Hall in Norfolk, the summer home of Prince William and Kate Middleton, sees annual energy bills of up to £58,573 while Princess Anne’s home, Gatcombe Park in Gloucestershire costs an estimated £52,716.

Annual energy bills
Infographic: Energy Helpline

Kensington Palace, former home of Prince Charles and Princess Diana and now Prince William and Kate’s London home, requires an estimated £39,049 a year to run.

The Royal Household has introduced a decade-long energy management strategy, intended to improve its energy efficiency by 40%. The plan managed to reduce the cost heating and lighting in royal residences by 24% last year.

Historic castle in Windsor England
The Queen’s weekend retreat Windsor Castle costs £630,410 per year in energy bills. Photo: Getty

Tom Lyon, director of energy at, said: “It’s fair to say that we all love watching The Crown and getting a look inside these grand homes and, considering the size and age of these impressive buildings, it’s perhaps little wonder that their energy bills will be equally grand.

“For example, some of Buckingham Palace’s radiators are over sixty years old, and the electrical cabling and heating date from the 1950s. But with measures like installing LED lighting which uses up to 86% less electricity across the estate, it’s incredible to see the environmental and cost-savings being made.”

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