UK Nurse Sues National Health Service for Making Her Fart 'Unwillingly'

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A United Kingdom nurse took the National Health Service (NHS) – the government-run healthcare system – to the court, alleging she was hypnotised and forced to go through several medical experiments causing her to fart against her will. The nurse, Xandra Samson, was employed at Ealing Hospital in London where, according to her claims, medical staff, along with her, were hypnotised through poor heating and ventilation, reported Metro.

Xandra’s claims, however, were found untrue by an employment tribunal where she had filed her case after being fired from the hospital in December 2019 for refusing to take psychiatric help.

According to the report, two of the three doctors who examined Xandra deemed her unfit to work, but she dismissed the diagnosis as “incorrect”, and told the health authorities she was “electromagnetic radiation sensitive”.

London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust repeatedly tried to get her to see a psychiatrist, but Xandra claimed she was a victim of an ideomotor phenomenon – a little unknown hypnotic concept. Xandra approached the Watford Employment Tribunal Centre and unsuccessfully sued the NHS trust for unfair dismissal and disability discrimination.

“I am a healthy individual and do not have any past medical history but recently I have had various symptoms, including headaches, breathing difficulty (a feeling of getting choked), and gastrointestinal disturbance (borborygmus, spasms, flatulence),” she told the tribunal, per Metro.

She said control is achieved in ideomotor phenomenon through an altered state of mind, and the poorly controlled thermoregulation at the hospital facilitated this process. The ward, where she claimed to have been experimented upon, is located in the basement of the hospital.

Employment Judge Oliver Hymas ruled the NHS trust did not fire Xandra unfairly or discriminate against her while admitting the tribunal had no idea what ideomotor phenomenon was. Hymas added the health authorities only tried to provide her psychiatric help.

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