The UK is Heading Towards a Digital Skills Shortage Disaster According to Tech Recruitment Specialists, Cloud Assembly

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  • Tech recruitment specialists, Cloud Assembly, endeavour to provide vital insight into the current state of the tech labour market in their latest industry report.

  • The report collates data from multiple reputable sources including leading tech firms and the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

  • The report reveals that 94% of tech employers believe that there is an industry-wide skills shortage.

  • Data from the report also shows that HR professionals perceive ‘flexible working hours and a good work-life balance’ as being significantly less important to developers than they are.

OXFORD, England, Jun 22, 2021--(BUSINESS WIRE)--"Qualified tech professionals know their worth. They are also acutely aware of the opportunities available to them, locally and abroad. This makes sourcing talent in this particular field more challenging; if you want the best of the best, you’ll have to prove your own worth during the recruitment process..." — Simon Kenworthy, Founder of Cloud Assembly

About the Report

In their latest report, global tech recruitment firm, Cloud Assembly, lend their expertise and authority to a topic that is the source of much buzz in the tech industry: the so-called digital skills gap.

As a recruitment agency founded by tech professionals, Cloud Assembly straddles the divide between the employee and employer experience, offering a comprehensive, dual perspective.

In this report, they compile data from several sources to draw informed conclusions on the challenging reality of tech recruitment, as well as to provide experience-led recommendations for employers on overcoming the identified recruitment hurdles. The study finds that there are a number of factors at play that continue to make sourcing qualified tech talent challenging, including:

  • The increase in remote working (79% of tech professionals want to continue working from home)

  • Steep competition (job openings for software engineers across just 10 companies amounted to 0.2% of all software engineers worldwide)

  • The lack of qualified candidates (at least 60% of developers have learnt their craft without ever having any formal training)

  • Developer confidence (when asked how easy they thought it would be to change jobs as a developer in 2021, respondents gave an average answer of 7 out of 10)

  • Recruiter misconceptions of the priorities of tech professionals

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