UK Firm Offers Rs 63 Lakh Annual Salary To Pick Cabbage And Broccoli

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A firm in the United Kingdom that supplies fresh produce to major supermarkets is offering £62,000 (Rs 63 lakh) a year to its workers. To overcome the severe shortage of workers, the company has posted advertisements for jobs offering this whopping salary. T H Clements and Son Limited based in Lincolnshire of London is looking for ‘operatives’ to work all year round. The vegetable wholesaler is looking for cabbage pickers and people to harvest broccoli. The selected candidates will be paid £30 per hour. This means a worker, working for 8 hours a day and five days a week, can make £1,200. This equates to £4,800 a month or an annual salary of £62,400 (around Rs 63 lakh).

T H Clements and Son in a statement said that the company is facing a severe shortage of staff due to Covid-19 pandemic and Brexit. New restrictions on migrant workers have been imposed due to the situation created following Covid-19 pandemic and Brexit.

In two separate advertisements, the company said that it is looking for “Field Operatives to harvest Cabbages”. “We are looking for Field Operatives to harvest our Broccoli,” the company said in an advertisement. This is a full-time job, the company stated. T H Clements is amongst the UK’s leading suppliers of fresh farm produce including fruits and vegetables.

In the advertisement, the company has made it clear that the salary of a worker will depend upon ‘piecework’. The workers will get their earnings based on how many vegetables they pick. According to the Central Recorder, it is unlikely that someone would earn the highest amount on a regular basis.

This is being done to tackle staff shortages as several reports suggest that the unusually high salary reflects the crisis in recruiting staff in the fruit and vegetable picking industry.

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