UFC turns to ProhiBet to assist insider betting crackdown, shares presentation with fighters

The UFC’s efforts to crack down on unethical and illegal insider betting continues.

On Wednesday, the promotion announced its partnership with ProhiBet, which will monitor for potential violations to ensure policy compliance.

“ProhiBet offers a comprehensive solution for monitoring compliance with these regulatory requirements via an encrypted decentralized cross-monitoring and notification platform,” the UFC said in a statement.

Additionally, athletes and their teams received an 11-minute video presentation by U.S. Integrity describing and reinforcing protocols. The video, which MMA Junkie obtained a copy of Wednesday, is titled “2023 UFC Education Course on Sports Betting.” It highlights betting terminology, who classifies as a prohibited bettor, what behaviors are prohibited, and the protocol for reporting an incident.

“An athlete who becomes aware or has knowledge of any incident that constitutes athlete misconduct must immediately notify UFC by contacting the UFC legal department,” the video states. “Failure to report an incident will constitute conduct detrimental to the integrity of UFC and will be subject to sanctions under this UFC Athlete Conduct Policy.

“Additionally, athletes are strongly encouraged to notify UFC by contacting the UFC legal department with information related to facts and circumstances they believe to be suspicious or indicative of integrity concerns regarding any UFC match or event whether originating with insiders or other third parties. Confidentiality concerning any such communications will be maintained by UFC to the extent practical.”

The course comes as the latest in string of memos sent over the past nine months by UFC chief business officer Hunter Campbell following an investigation into Glory MMA & Fitness head coach James Krause.

Krause, who is pictured in the presentation, was suspended and banned from coaching UFC fighters after betting lines moved suspiciously for a Nov. 5, 2022 bout involving one of his fighters, Darrick Minner, who also was later suspended.

According to ESPN, an FBI investigation is still ongoing pertaining to Krause, who allegedly ran offshore betting accounts. Additionally, UFC flyweight Jeff Molina, a member of Glory MMA & Fitness, remains suspended for his potential involvement in insider wagering.

“USI also turned over all anonymous tips, including details of the illegal ‘bookie’ operation, to the appropriate authorities who issued subpoenas to all involved individuals,” one presentation slide reads.

Krause isn’t the only one pictured in the presentation. UFC featherweight Dennis Buzukja is also pictured.

“In June 2022, USI identified a fighter who placed a wager on himself to win a Dana White’s Contender Series event,” text below the photo reads. “The fighter placed a wager equal to their entire purse on themselves to win the fight.”

It continues, “While the ethics of betting on yourself can be debated, betting on athletic contests you are associated with or competing in is illegal in many jurisdictions under ‘Prohibited Bettor’ regulations.”

The presentation closes by reiterating a warning that violators will be caught and will likely severely damage their careers.

“U.S. Integrity has ample access to pertinent data sets. Our platform is robust and comprehensive,” it reads. “If something nefarious or malicious were to occur in relation to sports betting, we will find it and we highlight it to the appropriate parties and the relevant contacts.”

“… There’s no sum of money that’s worth it for any impropriety related to sports betting. Reputational harm alone will cost you a career and potentially result in criminal proceedings. It’s not worth it.”

Story originally appeared on MMA Junkie