Uber and Lyft pick-up area at Dallas Love Field has moved. Here’s where you need to go

Ron T. Ennis/Star-Telegram

Dallas Love Field has made a new change to the way passengers get picked up if they’re using rideshare apps such as Uber or Lyft.

The Dallas airport has been open for over a century, first being used a military training base in 1917. Today, millions of people fly out of the airport that hosts three airlines — Alaska, Delta and Southwest.

Here’s what passengers flying back into Love Field need to know:

How travelers at Dallas Love Field can get to Uber or Lyft rides?

Passengers will have to walk just a few minutes more to the new spot for rideshare pick ups.

The new pick-up area for app-based rideshares such as Lyft, Uber and Wingz, is on level one of parking garage B. This new staging area is another few minutes from the old pickup area, which was roadside at the airport’s lower-level.

New signage has been plastered around the airport to point passengers in the right direction. The airport also produced a video to help travelers.

Why did Love Field move rideshare pick-up location?

Love Field made the change on Sept. 14 to help relieve curbside traffic.

“The decision to relocate the transportation service pick-up area at DAL was made after carefully considering several factors and long-term capital needs to enhance the overall passenger experience and efficiency of operations,” the airport said in a statement to the Star-Telegram.

Relocating the pick-up area is a step towards addressing both safety and road congestion, the airport statement said.

The new pickup area is only for rideshare and taxi services, while passengers who require special assistance can still use prearranged accommodations for pick ups.

What if I can’t find the new rideshare pick-up area?

If passengers are having trouble navigating to the new pick-up area, here’s what they can do: