The U.S. visa will have a new image printed on its foil. It won’t be Lincoln anymore

Millions of foreign citizens who want to visit, work or temporarily live in the United States yearn to have it stamped on their passports.

It’s the U.S. visa issued at all U.S. consulates and embassies across the world — and it is about to debut a new look.

As part of a standard secure document revision process, U.S. consulates and embassies will begin to issue a new visa foil in 2023.

A U.S. Customs and Border Protection notification from its Carrier Liaison Program, posted on the website of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, announced the replacement of the Lincoln visa foil for the Bridge visa foil.

The new visas feature prominently the iconic San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge.

New U.S. Bridge visa foil with the Golden Gate image

Applicants are anticipated being issued Bridge U.S. visas in early 2023.

According to CBP’s announcement:

This is a redesigned visa foil that will replace the Lincoln visa.

The current Lincoln Visa Foil.
The current Lincoln Visa Foil.

As each consular posts depletes Lincoln visa stock, they will begin to issue Bridge visas.

All Lincoln visas will remain valid until the printed expiration date, unless revoked or canceled.

The Lincoln visas that will gradually be phased out were first issued in 2022.

Revisions to visa designs make altering and counterfeiting more difficult, officials state.

Generally, U.S. visas are issued and stamped in foreign passports once applicants have successfully passed the feared consular interview.

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