U.S. President Biden meets Japanese Emperor Naruhito

STORY: Biden arrived at the palace, where he was met by Naruhito, and the two exchanged greetings before they were ushered inside, both wearing white masks.

The cornerstone of Biden's two-day visit, which includes meetings with the leaders of Japan, India and Australia, the "Quad," will be the rollout later on Monday of the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework, a broad plan providing an economic pillar to its engagement with Asia.

Biden's call on the Emperor will be followed by talks with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida in which the two nations are expected to discuss Japan's plans to expand its military capabilities and reach in response to China's growing might. The two key allies are also expected reconfirm their close ties in the face of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, agreeing that unilateral changes in the status quo by force are unacceptable.

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