Tyres deflated on around 60 SUVs in Edinburgh overnight, campaigners claim

Around 60 sports utility vehicles (SUVs) in Edinburgh had their tyres deflated overnight as part of a targeted campaign.

The Tyre Extinguishers said the vehicles were “made safe” in the Marchmont and Bruntsfield areas of the city overnight on Monday.

Activists said the areas have good public transport and as a result there is no need to own an SUV.

It is the eighth such action in the Scottish capital and groups are now active around the world.

A spokesman for the group said the vehicles are “a climate disaster”, adding: “The Tyre Extinguishers want to see bans on SUVs in urban areas, pollution levies to tax SUVs out of existence, and massive investment in free, comprehensive public transport.

“But until politicians make this a reality, Tyre Extinguishers action will continue.”