Two of these women aren't wearing leggings — can you tell which?

Kristine Tarbert
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(Photo: @jenthebodypainter/Instagram)

Two of these women aren’t wearing clothes — can you tell which?

While it might look like they’re sporting the typical uniform for women working out these days — spandex and a matching top — Sarah Reilly and Maria Luciotti’s looks require closer examination.

The women teamed up with Jen The Body Painter for a social experiment to see whether people would actually notice they weren’t wearing any clothes.

The body paint made it look as though the two women were wearing leggings and sports bras, and was so realistic several people didn’t notice anything until the trick was pointed out to them.

Luciotti “wore” a purple and black ensemble, while Reilly’s “outfit” was black, grey, and hot pink, with the colors and design elements accurately reflecting trendy pieces so many people really do wear to exercise in.

 The woman responsible for the looks, Jen, a makeup artist from Baltimore, Md., said the project took five hours to complete before they visited a local gym and asked for a tour. The group explored several areas of the gym and even tried out a few moves on steppers before Jen finally asked the employee to take a closer look.

Perhaps too focused on their gains, no one seemed to notice anything amiss about their outfits until it was pointed out to them, with one man even doing a double take.

This stunt comes shortly after Jen conducted a similar experiment which saw Luciotti walking unclothed through a shopping mall.

She had on painted jeans and a jumper and carried a handbag, but many people didn’t spot the trick.

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