Twitter Users Roast Southwest Airlines for Giving Passengers Ukuleles on Flight to Hawaii

Southwest Airlines gives their passengers Ukuleles
Southwest Airlines gives their passengers Ukuleles

Southwest Airlines/Twitter

Southwest Airlines is catching some flack after giving every passenger a ukulele on a flight from Long Beach, Calif. to Honolulu.

The airline teamed up with Guitar Center for the promotion, which also included a private lesson where passengers learned how to play the song, "Hello, Aloha. How are you?" during the trip — according to a press release from the instrument maker.

Along with a photo of passengers posing with their brand new instruments, the airline tweeted, "We teamed up with @guitarcenter to surprise a flight full of customers flying out of Long Beach with a ukulele and a lesson. By the time they arrived in Honolulu they were pros."

They posted another shot of the ukuleles resting on each passenger's seat. "Guitar Center: You can learn how to play the ukulele in 20 minutes. Us: Prove it," they captioned the tweet.

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Twitter users were quick to poke fun at Southwest and turn the gifts into a meme. Author Ted Gioia retweeted one of Southwest's posts along with the caption, "First they take away your leg room, and now this."

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Another user joked that even the worst person they know would never deserve such a "cruel" and "inhumane punishment," alongside Southwest's tweet.

Tom Nichols, a journalist at The Atlantic, added, "I am a big fan of Southwest, but this might have made me homicidal."

Meanwhile, Very British Problems, a tv show that investigates England's peculiarities, weighed in, writing "Siri, show me a British person's worst nightmare."

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Guitar Center said they sent their best instructors aboard the flight to teach passengers how to play the "easy" instrument.

"Above the clouds, passengers onboard the Boeing 737-800 aircraft all received a Mitchell MU40 Soprano ukulele, a Road Runner carrying case and a unique lesson in the sky," they wrote in the release. "Best-in-class Guitar Center Lessons instructors taught passengers how easy it is to learn to play the ukulele, one of Hawaii's happiest and most familiar instruments."

Brandy King, Senior Director of Public Relations at Southwest Airlines, added, "Our Customers anticipate warm Southwest Hospitality throughout their journeys with us. Today's celebration of Hawaiian culture and Southwest Hospitality underscore our everyday commitment to serve and celebrate the spirit of Aloha."