Twitter Engineering Chief Quits After DeSantis Debacle, Says It’s Merely a Coincidence

Twitter’s director of engineering says his exit from the company a day after the now-infamous Ron DeSantis campaign launch was unrelated to the technically disastrous production.

On Wednesday, DeSantis’ Twitter-facilitated presidential campaign announcement suffered through numerous crashes, with a peak of 650,000 Twitter users enduring the technical hiccups or exiting altogether.

Foad Dabiri then announced he had quit on Thursday. The timing spurred questions regarding whether there was a link between the events, and Dabiri said in a follow-up tweet the two events’ close proximity was purely coincidental.

“My decision and the timing of it are independent of any recent events,” Dabiri said.

In the above thread, he referenced how he’d been at the company for almost four years and proceeded to thank many of the colleagues and peers he worked with for all their contributions to his journey.

Dabiri did not respond to a request for comment in time for publication.

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Dabiri is far from the only high-profile person to leave Twitter of late. Ever since Elon Musk’s takeover, much of the site’s staff have either been laid off, fired or quit. And even beyond Musk’s actions and direct impact on the site, Twitter has independently generated numerous lightning rods’ worth of controversy.

Just recently, the Supreme Court had to declare that Twitter is not liable for ISIS activity on the platform. And in other big news, ex-Fox News host Tucker Carlson declared he’d be kicking off a show on the site, adding fuel to the fire that Twitter is a “conservative” space. a claim with more ammo to it now that DeSantis has used the social network to announce his presidential bid.

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